2019 Public Sector Enterprise Bargaining for South Australia's nurses and midwives

2019 Enterprise Bargaining

In the current enterprise bargaining negotiations, South Australia’s nurses and midwives are standing up for measures in three key areas to ensure they can continue to provide you with the best possible care in the future:


  • Safe staffing, because for every extra patient in a nurse’s care there is a 12% increase in patient deaths. Watch the video below for a nurse's story.

  • A stronger, future workforce capacity, because South Australia is set to lose 1 in 2 nurses to retirement in the next six years. Who will replace them to take care of you? Watch the video below for a nurse's story. 

  • Conditions that attract and retain staff to the workforce, because 1 in 5 nurses are considering leaving their positions amid worsening working conditions and violence.

The endorsed Log of Claims details the specific measures endorsed by nurses and midwives as the basis of the current negotiations with the State Government.

Stand with nurses and midwives, as we stand up for safe staffing, a strong future workforce capacity and better, safer working conditions.

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